polyamide resins



Polyamides can be injection molded, blow molded or by rotational system. By extrusion, in addition to the artificial textile fibers market, films, plates, bars, rods and tubes are also produced.


They are characterized by excellent mechanical properties, wear and aging resistance, low friction coefficient, high melting point, good impact resistance, high fatigue and abrasion resistance. If reinforced with glass they are characterized by high rigidity, good dimensional stability, excellent thermal resistance up to 150 ° C. Very fast molding cycles and an exceptional price / performance ratio complete the list of its qualities.

Some facts

After the banning of heavy metals Temakrom has developed different formulations from scratch, giving new solutions for the coloring of this useful resin.

Our technical office gained considerable experience on particular types of polyamides such as PA12 (Grilamid, trogamid). Regardless of the complexity of the projects we are able to support you in the realization.

Business Area

Versatility and high physical-mechanical characteristics allow the use in various fields such as automotive (gears, supports, fans, bushings), textile industry, electrical engineering, appliances and furniture.

What we offer

For this material we can offer:

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