IPC can be injection molded, blown and even extruded. Semi-finished products and molded parts can be easily and even metallized.


This polymer is transparent, has excellent dimensional and thermal stability (up to 130 ° C), good electrical properties, excellent tensile strength and above all impact resistance. Polycarbonate has excellent UV stability, which can be further improved with the addition of stabilizers. Good self-extinguishing requirement and sterilization resistance.

Some facts

Temakrom gives space to the imagination with polycarbonate, offering its customers the most varied colors. We are also leader in design furnishing accessories made with this specific polymer.

Business area

IPC is used in the electrical and electronic industries (plugs, sockets, meters, safety and emergency devices), photographic and cinematographic, in optics and lighting, in the automotive industry (lights and security windows), household goods, furniture household appliances (mixer containers and microwave ovens doors), and for road signs.

What we offer

For this material we can offer:

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