PE can be easily processed by injection molding, by compression, blown, extruded, while calendering and thermoforming are difficult due to the nature of the polymer itself.


The PE / LD version has low specific weight, extremely easy molding, high chemical and impact resistance; it can be used for food contact. No Absorption of water. In the PE / HD version we notice an improvement of the general characteristics with respect to PE / LD: it resists boiling water, excellent impact and abrasion resistance, greater UV resistance.

Some facts

Temakrom is able to enhance this resin, offering its customers different colors in different types of processing. We also offer specific additives for any need.

Business Area

There are many applications of this polymer: containers of all types and sizes; simple and paired films for several purposes. It is also used in the electrical industry, electronics, monofilaments for nets and ropes, toys and kitchen items.

What we offer

For this material we can offer:

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