polyethylene terephthalate



PET is mainly used for high-tenacity textile yarns and monofilaments. This polymer can also be easily injection molded and also extruded, as long as the machining conditions are strictly adhered to. Easy metallization.


It has excellent mechanical properties, low water absorption, good dimensional stability, very low linear expansion coefficient, excellent wear resistance, good chemical and thermal resistance. Completing the, excellent surface hardness and good anti-friction properties.

Some facts

Temakrom is able to supply its customers with specific PET masterbatches and compound in the "dry-blend" version.

Business Area

Artificial textile fibers. By extrusion, also widely used films are used to pack food to be heated or for electrical insulation. Gears, bushings, parts of coils and switches are made by molding.

What we offer

For this material we can offer:

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