acrylic resins



It can be printed by compression, injection, casting, blowing and extrusion. Excellent metallization. Easy mechanical processing such as milling, turning, stamping, engraving, embossing and polishing.


It is the most transparent polymer, as well as having excellent rigidity, UV and aging resistance (even if exposed in external environment). Good mechanical characteristics, low water absorption, easy processing, excellent dimensional stability.

Some facts

Temakrom is leading company in the processing of transparent materials. Our masters are perfect to enhance the technical characteristics of this excellent material. We supply both masterbatch and compound.

Business Area

Methacrylate is often used as an alternative to glass. It is used for safety glass manufacture , for accident prevention, design furnishing and architectural objects. Examples of its applications include cars taillights, protective barriers in stadiums and large windows of aquariums, while one of the major markets is the bathroom sector where it is used for the construction of bathtubs and shower trays.

What we offer

For this material we can offer:

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