polyvinyl chloride



If rigid, it can be molded by injection, compression, blown; it can also be extruded, calendered, laminated, thermoformed. If plasticized, it can be worked as rigid PVC, as well as being used for casting, coating and even rotational molding.


High chemical resistance to acids, bases and organic solvents. Excellent flame resistance for the rigid type and good self-extinguishing for the plasticized one. Great versatility, which allows multiple processing methods and a wide range of types available. Good abrasion resistance and dimensional stability of the molded parts. No water absorption, good film impermeability to gases.

Some facts

The simplicity of this material has forced us to limit our philosophy to the production of specific masterbatches compatible with PVC. We have consolidated customers that process PVC in a non-toxic / medical version.

Business Area

Through molding fittings for pipes, impellers and casings for pumps of corrosive liquids, taps and containers for acids, liquids and detergents in general are obtained. Extrusion produces pipes, electrical and telecommunications cables, profiles for construction and for the chemical industry.

What we offer

For this material we can offer:

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