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natural or synthetic



According to the different types, they can be worked with all the known technologies for the plastic. The ease of assimilating large quantities of additives, such as mineral fillers, black carbon, stabilizers, rubber accelerators, makes their solutions even more versatile.


They have the elastic behavior of the rubber: high stretch under stress; low modulus and high tensile strength; rapid return to the initial state, even dimensionally, after the effort; almost total return of the absorbed energy. Normally the elastomers are vulcanized, i.e. crosslinked, so as to still have limited mobility of the polymer chains.

Some facts

Temakrom is able to provide its customers with specific masterbatches.

Business Area

Footwear industry, particularly for soles and boots, automotive industry for bumpers, dashboards, radiator grills. They are used for the production of bellows, pipes, gaskets, profiles, cables, waterproofing membranes and conveyor belts.

What we offer

For this material we can offer:

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