Temact Vida SL: Coronavirus Killer. Read the article.

3 June 2020 by Andrea Belletti

Better safe than sorry: TEMASAFE line

Today more than ever, it is essential to invest in high-tech projects preventing the spread of pathogenic microorganisms on plastic products. For this reason Temakrom's R&D department has developed the TEMASAFE line, a range including 3 products specifically designed with antiviral / antibacterial / fungicidal characteristics.

First, the last born. The brand new TEMACT VIDA SL additive, destined to be a best seller among Temakrom's additives: coming directly from Israeli research laboratories, it is a virucide created specifically in the fight against Coronavirus. Many have already called him a real COVID-19 killer. Its high efficacy has been demonstrated by independent tests against over 100 viralstrains of 22 families, 400 bacterial strains, 60 fungal and yeast strains.

Second, TEMAD ANTIBACT. Powerful broad-spectrum, inorganic silver ion-based biocide, it’s suitable for giving antibacterial characteristics to plastics. Effective against both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria (Pseudomonas included). The ion exchange that regulates this type of product stops once the equilibrium conditions are reached, allowing to maximize the yield of the product and prolong its life.

Third, but equally precious, our TEMAD BATTERIOSTATICO: it has the same operating characteristics as temad antibact, but it is also effective against multiple types of fungi / molds.

All our formulations are perfectly compatible on all types of thermoplastic resins; they prevent discolouration problems typical of other similar products and they can be used for the main mechanical processes (molding, extrusion, film, blowing).

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