Temact Vida SL: Coronavirus Killer. Read the article.



Antiviral Additive

Product Description

Product Description: Temact Vida SL has been specifically designed to be effective against Coronavirus 2019-nCov. Temact Vida SL has an exclusive broad-spectrum formulation: it oxidizes basic structures, such as proteins, damaging them in a vast and irreversible way and thus deactivating / destroying the microorganism. Independent tests have shown the product is able to effectively and completely kill human Coronavirus rapidly. Temact Vida SL meets the requirements specified in the protocol, as required by the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

No other virucidal additive offers such a powerful composition or broad portfolio of performance. Its effectiveness is tested on over 100 strains of virus in 22 viral families, 400 strains of bacteria, over 60 strains of fungi and yeast

Temact Vida SL is perfectly compatible with all types of thermoplastic resins and it is suitable for the main types of processing (molding, extrusion, film, blowing).

Way of use

Temact Vida SL can be used as a masterbatch. The recommended percentage of use varies according to the product. Store in a dry place.

Are you interested in or do you use this additive? Download the PDF technical data sheet for your technical office.

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