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UV stabilizer

Product description

There are two major types of UV stabilizers:

  • UV stabilizers
  • UV stabilizers with barrier effect
The former have the purpose to protect polymers from the degradation caused by the sun’s UV radiations. The latter have the purpose to absorb UV radiations and transform them into thermal energy, thereby protecting the contents of the articles to be manufactured.

Way of use

TEMAD ANTIUV should be used as follows: The percentages of use of these products vary according to the requested stability to light, expressed in kly, and to their geographical area of ​​exposure.
WARNING: The data shown in the technical data sheet are based on the current level of our knowledge and their purpose is purely indicative. They are not in any way intended to guarantee (Article 1341-1342 CC) specific properties of the product and its suitability for a given application. It is exclusive responsibility of the purchaser to verify the characteristics shown in the technical data sheet and their validity on the finished product.

Are you interested in or do you use this additive? Download the PDF technical data sheet for your technical office.

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