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Flame retardant

Product description

All plastic materials have a problem: they are combustible and highly flammable. Therefore, the research comes to the rescue creating additives, called flame retardants, able to make the self-extinguishing resin. Temakrom srl, through its NCU-TEC division, makes available a series of flame retardants, which according to their chemical nature react through different mechanisms of actions such as:

  • Gas development
  • Intumescence
  • Fusion (it absorbs heat that feeds flame)
  • Action on chemical reaction (slows down speed)
TEMAD FR is a flame retardant additive, the result of a synergistic combination that confers UL94 compliance to the final product. The class (V0, V1, V2) varies according to the percentage of use and the resin

Way of use

TEMAD FR is applied with various Thermoplastic resins from PE and PP up to Polyamide 6 and 66. For further information refer to the technical sheet

Are you interested in or do you use this additive? Download the PDF technical data sheet for your technical office.

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