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We are partners in the supply of masterbatches, additives and compounds for the Construction business. Thanks to the close collaboration between NCU and TEC, Temakrom has created a task force completely dedicated to the Eyewear, able to meet a series of needs typical of this area, providing ad-hoc products and solutions. Even more attention, always at your service.

Construction Needs

In the field of construction, technological innovation advances rapidly: increasingly sophisticated orders, technologies and needs are constantly changing. In this context, the raw material plays a fundamental role: a well-designed masterbatch, which allows the creation of durable and long-lasting artifacts, is a concrete need.

Why Temakrom

  • Flexibility in production;
  • R&D for specific applications;
  • Possibility of producing microgranules for specific processing;
  • Wide range of specific additives, such as Anti-UV.

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