We are partners in the supply of masterbatches, additives and compounds for the Fornitures business. Thanks to the close collaboration between NCU and TEC, Temakrom has created a task force completely dedicated to the Eyewear, able to meet a series of needs typical of this area, providing ad-hoc products and solutions. Even more attention, always at your service.

Fornitures Needs

Pantone®, RAL, transparent, metallized or fluorescent colors: in this business the only limit is your imagination!
To make your furniture distinctive, the basis is the concept: who better than you can design it. But then you have to give shape, color, concreteness to your idea: here the only matter is choosing the perfect partner.

Why Temakrom

  • Quality standard doesn’t deviate from the homologated one;
  • Support in realizing your new ideas;
  • Proven experience in transparent and fluorescent colors;
  • Specific additives, such as Anti-UV for outdoor furniture, Antistatic and Flame Retardant.

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