We are partners in the supply of masterbatches, additives and compounds for the Packaging business. Thanks to the close collaboration between NCU and TEC, Temakrom has created a task force completely dedicated to the Packaging, able to meet a series of needs typical of this area, providing ad-hoc products and solutions. Even more attention, always at your service.

Packaging Needs

Colorful and catchy packaging, innovative colors that must be distinctive. The knowledge of colors is fundamental to create a brilliant product, which emerges among many. Naturally, in addition to the aesthetic requirements, the products must comply with the regulations, very strict in sectors such as food or cosmetics. Being able to guarantee the traceability of each element that makes up the finished product is a plus that will distinguish your packaging from the main competitors.

Why Temakrom

  • Compliance with specific regulations for food contact (ATS / FDA);
  • Documentation readily available online;
  • Aid Project for your new ideas;
  • Product Additives such as Antistatics;
  • Special effects masterbatches: pearly/glittery/fluorescent/metalized

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