We are partners in the supply of masterbatches, additives and compounds for the Toys business. Thanks to the close collaboration between NCU and TEC, Temakrom has created a task force completely dedicated to the Eyewear, able to meet a series of needs typical of this area, providing ad-hoc products and solutions. Even more attention, always at your service.

Color is fundamental in the world of toys. A vivid and brilliant color is able to excite, give joy to our children, who through gaming make contact with the world around them. Capturing the attention of children, while guaranteeing the highest standards that the sector requires: the right quality mix the perfect toy must have. Does your current supplier give you all this?

Why Temakrom

  • Effect colors: fluorescent, luminescent, glittered;
  • Compliance with sector specific legislation, 2009/48 / CE Toys;
  • Wide range of specific additives, such as Anti-UV.

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