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30 March 2021 by Team Temakrom

2021 is the year of the shortage

If 2020 has been known as the pandemic year with its immediate implications on the markets, 2021 turned out to be the year of shortage: difficulties in supplying of raw plastic materials, quotations grown to higher grounds, and increasing lead time from world leading companies.

Since the last months of 2020 different situations has led to an effective price increasing of raw materials on global scale extimated in 20%, this increasing has been dramatically more substantial during the first 2021 quarter: some raw material grew up to 300%.

During the first months those price increasing were charged due to force majeure, like mainteinance of production plants on first analysis, or production stops due to pandemic in the following times. Another setback has been caused by the extraordinary bad weather and arctic freeze that envolved the United States, causing the stop of the 70% of ethilene production plants, and the stop of 50% polypropilene.

Something like 80% of the plastic materials tranformation companies had been facing a series of problems, beyond those regarding the increased quotations, as the difficulties in supplying raw materials, morover the delay of delivery time, wich are more than ever uncertain.

Market is in turmoil, the productions now have good order perspectives, but when they be able to produce the goods?

During those months, with foresight, strong of its solid partnership with its suppliers and due to its two-decade long experience, Temakrom  has been able to manage and get equipped in order to avoid any problem for its customers: supply chain has never been stopped, and with its Team Temakrom has been as always by the side of their customers, all around the world.

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