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23 June 2020 by Team Temakrom

All because of disposables

On December 31, 2019, Coronavirus appears for the first time in China, pulling the trigger on a pandemic, spreading all over the world.

Now it seems that all the world's problems revolve around this tiny agglomeration of RNA and proteins. The world seems to have completely forgotten the strong dislike for plastic, detected as the great enemy of the 21st century.

Why? Because today plastic is needed. Today more than ever you need to have disposable swabs to perform diagnostic tests, disposable pipettes to move liquids containing solutions with the virus, disposable test tubes to carry out insulation tests, disposable plates to understand how the virus behaves. Much more simply, millions of gloves, masks and medical devices that MUST be made of plastic have been used and are still needed. Because if not, people would take risks that we are not willing to take. No more, not today when a virus has made us clear that demonizing an ESSENTIAL material does not make any sense.

We must always remember that it is not the plastic itself that is harmful, it is not the plastic that decides to disperse into the sea, to end up in the belly of a whale, to run aground on a Caribbean beach to "sunbathe". We are the solely responsible for what happens to the environment because of plastic. Temakrom has always been involved in teaching the correct use of this material, its correct disposal and recycling.

Only in this way we can be promoters of a virtuous and safe lifestyle.

To learn more, watch this video!

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