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11 March 2020 by Team Temakrom

By your side, safely, even at this moment

Ten days have passed since the publication of the last article, but it seems dutiful to provide you with an update on the situation. We have already specified, that Temakrom has been taking immediate action since the beginning of the Coronavirus emergency by arranging the necessary interventions to curb the matter. Little big precautions which have been appreciated by many customers, both in Italy and abroad, the continuing to run their business whilst the difficult period by scrupulously respecting the essential measures to hinder the infection.

As far as we are concerned, we remind you that at the entrance to our operational headquarters in Castenedolo, sanitizer dispensers have been made available to both our internal staff and guests such as customers and suppliers.

Not merely safety measures for people: aware that the virus may temporarily settle on surfaces, we have professionally sanitized any device as well as anything which is involved in the manufacturing process. As for any single order, the relevant incoming goods undergo a treatment before being processed and, once they are ready to be shipped to your companies, a further santiization, including their packaging (bags and pallets) is performed.

Even and especially at this moment, Temakrom intends to keep on ensuring professionalism and safety to all its commercial partners.

For You. With You. Always.

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