Temact Vida SL: Coronavirus Killer. Read the article.

10 July 2020 by Team Temakrom

Living with Covid

In this year 2020 we have become accustomed to terms such as Covid, Emergency, Pandemic, Prevention, Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3. But what we have to actually get used to is living with the COVID.

As per its DNA Temakrom has started its NCU-TEC R&D department by studying a product that allows you to create products and tools useful to face serenely our daily life.

TEMACT VIDA SL is the result of our research, a virucide designed exclusively for plastics: bad and ugly plastic demonized until few months ago and now suddenly become indispensable for the production of masks, gloves and other medical devices.

We could write and write and still write to illustrate the extraordinary properties of TEMACT VIDA SL: it's being innovative, decisive in rapidly deactivating Coronavirus, non-toxic and harmless to the environment. But only by trying it you will understand how much it can improve the life of you and your business partners.

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