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2 February 2021 by Andrea Belletti

Our clientele is our success. Even the National Press has noticed it.

Temakrom has always been at the forefront in the coloring of technopolymers and in unconventional ways to build the relationship with its customers.

In recent days, both the national and specialist press have noticed our long journey made up of continuous hits and safe bets: an example of this is the long article appeared in Corriere della Sera on 24 January 2021.

A long chat with our Director, Simone Moubtassime, in which he retraces the fundamental stages of company growth, with a focus on how Temakrom has faced the periodic world crises over the years, from the financial crisis of 2008 to the health one of 2020 marked by Covid.

A reaction made of courage, cohesion and entrepreneurial vision: thus, without reducing, Temakrom has bet on the goodness of its project and on the constant drive for innovation. A choice that paid off, as the results show, especially in the colo ring of technopolymers, as reported by PlasticFinder, a platform specialized in plastics.

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A success began long ago, which is the result of a close-knit group of people who strongly believe in the project, sharing its fundamental values, making every moment the utmost commitment to respect the philosophy and objectives that management has set itself.

Come and discover the Temakrom world too!

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