Temact Vida SL: Coronavirus Killer. Read the article.

20 May 2020 by Team Temakrom

Temact Vida SL: Coronavirus Killer

The coronavirus continues to spread. All over the world, measures are being intensified to stop the further spread of the disease. As a vaccine is not available, working on prevention is of the utmost importance.

Israel has always been used to dealing with emergency situations: its research laboratories are always at the forefront. But the results of these studies have rarely been marketed. In the speciality methods bact/virus contrast department they have reached an innovative milestone in the fight against 2019-nCoV, which Temakrom is happy to offer its customers exclusively: this is how Temact Vida SL was born.

The broad-spectrum formulation of Temact Vida SL is unique, oxidizing key structures and compounds, such as proteins, leading to widespread, irreversible damage and subsequent deactivation/destruction of the microorganism. No other disinfectant has the same powerful composition or extensive portfolio of performance. Independent tests have shown that the product is able to effectively and completely deactivate human Coronavirus rapidly. These qualities make plastics with Temact Vida SL of choice for use in critical environments such as medical and food processing facilities.

Beyond all the protocols, this is another way - effective and technologically advanced - to live with the virus. Made in Temakrom.

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