The Group

Professionalism, competence, experience and creativity,
a mixture of qualities able to guarantee an exclusive service.

Temakrom have been collaborating for more than 15 years with its partners helping them with the most suitable choices, thanks to a unique technical and commercial team. The realization of personalized colours goes with a custom-made service able to satisfy every kind of needs. Temakrom for you, Temakrom with you.

Temakrom has decided to revolutionise its world taking up an effective way in order to be able to help its partners step by step with the whole purchasing process.

NCU is a real Functional Structure available to custo-mers for every kind of needs: questions about the colours of the products – follow the different purchasing steps – be well informed about the developments of the regulations.

NCU is at customers disposal in order to communicate in an easy, fast, but above all effective way, avoiding misunderstandings and waste of time.

Waiting time 0 – Effectiveness 10!

What else from a commercial partner?

NetCommercial Unica... a step towards the future.

The experts team attending to the customers’ requests is able to provide a close professional advice:
- study your products very carefully in order to gua-rantee full satisfaction;
- know deeply our products in order to guarantee an excel-lent result;
- develop everyday new shades of colours;
- experiment, study and test products and materials;
- keep up-to-date with the many set of rules in order to guarantee a prescribed service (Service Quality Insurance).

Moreover Temakrom will be the first company able to guarantee complete traceability of every single component of our products.

Technically aware referents

Highly competent commercial team, direct feedback between Technical Division and NetCommercial Unica


We guarantee the complete traceability of every single component of our products


Updated to the latest set of rules, readily and always available, at customers disposal

Web Portal

Technically and fully developed platformanswering in real time to Study Requests, Orders, Communications

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